Friday, April 17, 2015

Another Quilt for a Wounded Warrior

Since I've moved to IL, I have been meeting with a "ladies who lunch" quilting group now officially named the "Pedal Pushers."  The organizer of the group told me that she always had a vision that the group would "do something," but so far they hadn't really done much but talk about quilting and embroidery.  She knew that I made quilts to donate and asked me to speak to the ladies about my projects in hopes that they would like to help and so far...they seem receptive.
WW Quilt #3 (Ellie - front)
I tried to set the parameters that each month, one lady would choose a pattern and direct the others to make a set number of blocks in whatever size/color would be needed.  That person would also be in charge of setting the blocks, backing fabric and batting.  Then I volunteered to do all of the quilting.  Sometimes I do the binding unless the person who began the project wants to finish it up.
WW Quilt #3 (Ellie - back)
For this quilt #3, we each made 1 or 2 - 12" blocks.  Ellie set them, I quilted it and sent it back to Ellie for binding.  I just love a sampler!Quilts #1&2 began as one quilt; we each made one of each block.   The ladies decided that they didn't like the blocks set alternating, so Janice took home one set of blocks and Susan took home the other.
WW Quilt #1 (Susan)
Quilts #1&2 began as one quilt design, but the ladies didn't like the alternating block setting.  Janice took home one set of block and Susan took home the other to create these quilts earlier this year.
WW Quilt #2 (Janice)
To date, this group has donated 3 quilts to the FLW Wounded Warriors and one of the ladies even made a baby quilt to donate to the GLWACH Soldier Babies.  We're currently working on one more WW quilt and one baby quilt.

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Thursday, April 02, 2015

April UFO Goals

For the month of April, I've decided to try to accomplish these 2 projects, Ye Olde Schoolhouse (another Prairie Women's project) and Lozenges (Bonnie Hunter's 2014 leader/ender challenge).

Currently, Ye Olde Schoolhouse is just a pattern and fabric pull.  I'll need to start this one from scratch, really, and check to see if I have enough background fabric to complete it...if not, well, fabric shopping's not so bad, right?
Ye Olde Schoolhouse
All of the Lozenges blocks are made and up on the design wall.  Next, I'll need to begin assembling rows.  I can't wait??!?!?  There are 345 Lozenge blocks up there (and across the floor, as the last 3 rows wouldn't fit on the design wall).  I'm thinking I'm going to border this quilt with a small floral print with black background.  The binding will probably be a very similar coordinating fabric gifted to me by my friend, Vicki!
Well, there they are, my goals for April...wish me luck!
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Q2 2015 Goals

This is my first year participating in the Finish-a-long and so far it's been fun!  I find these blog sew-alongs quite the push I need to finish up projects that have long been in the UFO pile or on the to-do list! gives me something more to blog about!

So, for last quarter, here's how I did...6/10...not bad, an average of 2 projects checked off the list each month.  I can live with that!
Q1 (Jan-Mar 15) List:
1.  RWB Charming Stars
2.  RWB Irish Chain
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Suki Dog Quilt
5.  Baylee Dog Quilt
6.  Easter Basket Wall Hanging
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Kayla's Basket Weave Quilt
9.  Grand Illusion
10. A Prairie Women project
Ye Olde Schoolhouse (April goal)
Here are my new goals for this quarter...4 of which were shifted from the Q1 list since I didn't end up working on them.  Yikes, 15, but 2 are charity quilts and I haven't done any of those on my own this year...just quilting for our group donations.
Q2 (Apr-Jun 15) List:
1.  Lozenges
2.  Silent Auction Table Project (for mom)
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Crumb Along
5.  Wounded Warrior Quilt
6.  Thai Ostrich Quilt
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Soldier Baby Quilt
9.  A Prairie Women project
10.  Collaboration Celebration
11.  Pinwheel
12.  Labor Day Madness
13.  Fan Baby
14.  Ye Olde Schoolhouse (PWSC j4g1)
15.  Orange Crush
Lozenges (April goal)
Ok, wish me luck!  First up are my Lozenge and Ye Olde Schoolhouse quilts.  They will be my primary April goals!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spooky Pinwheel Parade

Spooky Pinwheel Parade is a design based on Pat Speth's free pattern, Pinwheel Promenade.  It all began with a charm pack that I won at a quilter's club meeting at Jackman's Fabrics called "Be Witched" by Carol Eldridge (for Andover Fabrics).  The charm pack was a little intimidating to find a design that could stand up to the bold graphics and colors, but I think this design with a heavy light background color palette did the trick!  
 I used a crazy stripe (that I picked upon sale at JoAnn's after Halloween) for the backing, sleeve and binding.  This fabric was really weird to work with, shrinking up with steam ironing.  It must not have been truly 100% cotton.  I'll be really careful about that in the future at JoAnn's, but I generally don't purchase fabric there anyway.
 I loved this panto for this quilt, but I don't know the name of it.  The panto reminded me of the eyes that you carve in a jack-o-lantern or maybe even spooky ghost eyes!
 And the label...yes, I always label my quilts.  This is the very easiest way.  Cut a square, fold it in half diagonally and to fancy it up a bit, add a strip of color to the folded edge.  This way 2 of 3 edges get sewn in with the binding (you only need to hand tack one edge).  Sweet!

BTW, I also finished the Wedding Ring 18x18" Table Topper this month, but since it's a gift, I won't be posting the finished pictures until after my in-laws celebrate their 45th anniversary in May.


Wednesday, March 04, 2015


It's been a while since I posted my progress on my Women of the Bible, a block of the week presented by Hoppin' Bobbin on Facebook.  As of this week, we have completed 30 blocks!
WOTB Block #28 - Anna
WOTB #29 - Priscilla
WOTB #30 - Joanna they are all together to date!  The more blocks that get added to the design wall, the better they look together!  I'm so excited to see this project progress.  When we're finished, I think there are something like 46 blocks.  So far, we've only made 10" & 15" blocks, but eventually, we'll have to make a few filler blocks that measure 5" in height.  Those will be fun!
Women of the Bible - Blocks #1-30
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