Monday, August 18, 2014

Women of the Bible - Block #2

Women of the Bible - Block 2 "Rachael (& Leah)"
This BOW is offered by Hoppin' Bobbin, FREE on Facebook!  All ya gotta do to sign up is go over and "like" their Facebook page!  Each block pattern will be available for only 2 weeks (after that you have to purchase the pattern set to get the instructions)...only one more week left to get the instructions for block #1!
Women of the Bible - Blocks 1&2
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Friends & Companions - Blocks 1-3

Anyone else still working on the Marcus Brothers "Friends & Companions" Sew-Along? 
"Sarah's Block" Friends & Companions - Block #3
"Sarah's Block" is the third block pattern released by Sarah Maxwell at Homestead Hearth.  It was another great block to work on, and took much less time to cut out than the previous blocks (because it was all HSTs)!  Sarah's directions were simple, had great photos, and provided a really fun layout for such simply constructed units!
Friends & Companions - Blocks #1-3
So, here is my first row of blocks, all together, from weeks 1-3.  I can't wait to see what the remaining 6 weeks have in store (week 10 will be finishing instructions and the big reveal)!  I'm assuming they will be set in a 3x3 design, but maybe not, and...  Straight rows or on-point?  Sashings?  Borders?  What do you think?

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Friday, August 15, 2014

August UFO Complete...Frontier Foundations

"Frontier Foundations"
"Frontier Foundations," began with the backing that Debbie and I purchased on our last fabric shopping trip together.  I think we just both really loved that "toile" look and it worked out great for a jumping off point in color selection for the quilt top.  Then it was off to the scrap basket for as many fabrics as I could find to complement the backing colors.
Suki, our 6 year old hound mix, posing in front of the house with "Frontier Foundations."  Since I completed this one before the middle of the month, I think I'm going to try and get a headstart on another of my more daunting UFO projects.  That way, I'll be more likely to get some of them finished in a month!
Frontier Foundations  
Prairie Women's Sewing Circle - Journey 3, Gathering 5
Pattern Designer:  Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts
Quilting Design:  Freehand Meander  
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another New Block of the Week!

Hoppin' Bobbin is offering another FREE block of the week on Facebook!  All ya gotta do to sign up is go over and "like" their Facebook page!  

This BOW, called Women of the Bible, will run for 41 weeks!  The introduction and first pattern were just posted on Monday, so you need to head over there right away if you're interested!  Each block pattern will be available for only 2 weeks (after that you have to purchase the pattern set to get the instructions).  

Here's my first block:
Women of the Bible - Block 1 "Eve"
If you do decide to participate, I made a linky on my sidebar for any bloggers who are interested!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Never-ending Afghan

After 20 years, I finally have my afghan!
Actually, to be completely honest, I guess it's more like...After 17 or 18 years, I finally have my afghan!
A few years after my husband and I were married, I found a really cool pattern for a scripture afghan and asked my mom to make it for me.  I bought all of the yarn in the colors of the quilt we had on our bed and she was set and ready to go.  Or was she?  It turns out that the pattern was not that easy...block patterns are only repeated twice in the afghan which means once she learned the block pattern, she would make one more in a different color and then have to learn a completely new pattern to move on.  Yikes (sounds like a pain...full disclosure...I know nothing about crocheting)!
Last month, my mom came to visit and with her, she brought the afghan (or what was completed of the afghan and a bunch of yarn).  Mom joined a stitching group this year and made my afghan top priority!  When she arrived at my house, she only had 5 or 6 more blocks to complete (and of course all the putting it together and edging - what we quilters would call the sashing and bindings?!?!?).  

Now she'll tell you that I made her work and work...I was quite the tyrant...I wanted that afghan done and not back on the plane with her...back to her house where it may get stuck in a closet for the next 10 years or I may never see it

Well, yes, I highly encouraged her to work on it.  I also repaid the favor...while she was finishing up the last sections, I quilted her daisy quilt for her and added the binding and label.  Maybe not quite as much work, but it saved her a few months of hand quilting :)
Thanks, Mom!  We LOVE our afghan!!!