Wednesday, March 04, 2015


It's been a while since I posted my progress on my Women of the Bible, a block of the week presented by Hoppin' Bobbin on Facebook.  As of this week, we have completed 30 blocks!
WOTB Block #28 - Anna
WOTB #29 - Priscilla
WOTB #30 - Joanna they are all together to date!  The more blocks that get added to the design wall, the better they look together!  I'm so excited to see this project progress.  When we're finished, I think there are something like 46 blocks.  So far, we've only made 10" & 15" blocks, but eventually, we'll have to make a few filler blocks that measure 5" in height.  Those will be fun!
Women of the Bible - Blocks #1-30
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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

UFO Goals: March 2015

For this month, I'm setting 2 goals:

1.  Finish up the Wedding Ring 18x18" Table Topper - still on the frame ready to be quilted.
Wedding Rings Table Topper
2.  Finish up the Halloween Quilt - top and backing are finished and ready to be quilted.
Halloween Pinwheel Parade
I'd really like to knock at least one more off of my Q1 list this month as well.    I'm hoping I'll get the chance to work on a Prairie Women Project, but we'll see.  

Q1 (Jan-Mar 15) List:
1.  RWB Charming Stars
2.  RWB Irish Chain
3.  4-Patch Revisited
4.  Suki Dog Quilt
5.  Baylee Dog Quilt
6.  Easter Basket Wall Hanging
7.  Rustic Stars
8.  Kayla's Basket Weave Quilt
9.  Grand Illusion
10. A Prairie Women project

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Design Wall 3/2/15

Here's what's been on my design wall this weekend!

This is my Halloween version of Pat Speth's Pinwheel Promenade (download the free pattern here). The blocks on the left are extras that will probably end up pieced into the backing, maybe.
Pinwheel Promenade
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pink Spools

I've decided to only post an RSC15 update once each month (probably closer to the end of the month) since the two projects I'm working on in the rainbow scrap challenge colors are both spool block quilts, one more traditional and one a bit more "realistic."  I don't want my readers to get too bored with the same images and tidbits of progress.  So, here they are in their scrappy glory, February's PINK spools....
String Spools
Scrappy Traditional Spools

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Puppy Quilts!

So excited to report a couple more finishes for this week (actually, these were technically finished last week, but I neglected to post!?!!?)!
Baylee & her new quilt "Visions of Nylabones"
My friend Debbie was here and she gifted me a pile of doggie prints a while ago.  I wanted to make a pair of quilts for the dogs to lay on in my sewing studio since they are always laying on the batting hung over the longarm or they jump on any chance to test out a quilt top that I'm measuring on the floor!  So, while Debbie was here, I paired my gifted fabrics with some from my stash and I got to work with a couple of "too easy" patterns that I thought it would be fun to just play with, ya know, just to say I had!
Baylee's Quilt "Visions of Nylabones"
Baylee's Quilt (back)
Baylee's Quilt, "Visions of Nylabones," is just a simple sticks pattern.  It was fun to just cut a bunch of rectangles and strips and piece this one together.  I got the idea from Debbie - my old MO guild did something similar as a block exchange last year!
Suki's Quilt "Treat Dreams"
Suki's Quilt (back)
Suki's Quilt, "Treat Dreams," is a Jelly Roll Race variation that I have seen using solid squares between the strips.  Again, it was fun to just play with an easy pattern on a small scale, just to say I've done a JRR.
Suki & her new quilt "Treat Dreams"
I quilted both quilts with a simple loopy meander in a green thread.  Both quilts incorporate most of the same fabrics (the greens are the only fabrics that are different in each quilt).  I used up just about every last bit of the puppy fabrics when I decided to use it up on the backs and bindings!  I love when that happens!

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